Dal 10 Luglio Al 11 Luglio
C04 - Colombo M
Via Mangiagalli, 25, 20133 Milano (MI)
2018-07-10 08:30:00 2018-07-11 18:30:00 Europe/Rome Rice Days: due giornate dedicate alla ricerca nel comparto riso <p>Almost 60% of European rice is produced in Italy. This important goal is also achieved thanks to the research and the innovation that have been taking place locally, in all compartments of the rice production chain. Strengthening of the sustainability of the productive system in its economic, social, environmental, cultural and industrial aspects is being realized through a transdisciplinary commitment. Scientific and technological research, from basic molecular biology to the systemic level are involved in this process. In this context, research groups at the University of Milan have been collaborating locally and with national and international institutions, as well as with enterprises in the sector. The Rice Days Workshop is dedicated to rice research at the University of Milan and is promoted to define an updated portfolio of the activities carried out and to delineate prerequisites for new synergies and collaborations. National institutions and enterprises dedicated to rice will also be present. During the Rice Days Workshop, local research groups will be able to present their activities and to take part of discussion tables with the aim to examine relevant issues and perspectives of the rice sector in a multidisciplinary manner. Reports by national and international experts will also take place.</p> C04 - Colombo M; Via Mangiagalli, 25, 20133 Milano (MI)
  • Innovazione e ricerca
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Il workshop è un momento di approfondimento su ricerca e innovazione nel comparto riso in un'ottica multidisciplinare. Gruppi di ricerca della Statale sono impegnati in questo campo, in sinergia con istituzioni e imprese, e presenteranno le proprie aree di interesse e di studio. Saranno presenti esperti nazionali e internazionali.