Pubblicato il: 18/05/2023
Law and Humanities Library of the University of Milan

Law and Humanities Library of the University of Milan

BiblioHELP is the new online platform of the University of Milan set up by the University Library Service and representing the single point of access for users’ requests. It will guide students, researchers and the public audience on the resources and services offered by the 17 University libraries.

How to reserve a book using the Minerva catalogue? How to consult the Digital Library to find electronic resources, such as e-books, e-journals and databases? How to book a seat at the library? How to access the library resources off-campus using one’s pc, tablet or smartphone? On BiblioHELP you can find the answers to these and other questions, directly on the homepage or by browsing the list of FAQs. Users can also send specific requests to the libraries by filling an online form or writing to the support email address of the Digital Library.

FAQs are available in Italian and English via a search engine, or you can browse them by topics, which are also displayed in the shape of a word cloud. This ensures the easiest navigation experience and quicker retrieval of the information needed.

Finally, BiblioHELP allows to send a request to LaStataleArchivi, the portal including the digital descriptions of the University archives.