Pubblicato il: 24/11/2022
Diadji Diop’s installation at the University of Milan

Diadji Diop’s installation at the University of Milan

Through December 15, the University of Milan will host #WhoWeAre, a campaign designed by Global Gateway, the new European Commission strategy for promoting smart, clean, secure connections in the digital, energy, and transportation sectors to strengthen healthcare, education, and research throughout the world.  

The focus of the #WhoWeAre presence in Milan is the global challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as represented in a statue by Senegalese artist Diadji Diop representing humanity’s shared struggle to overcome disease. Drawing on the gestures and team spirit of sports, it embodies the effort to defeat the pandemic and work together to overcome other global threats.

The #WhoWeAre campaign thus artistically unites Milan and Madrid in responding to the pandemic while emphasizing the global importance of health. In Copenhagen and Paris the artistic installations seek to raise public awareness of issues relating to climate change. Berlin and Tallinn feature works addressing digitalization and the need for connectivity everywhere in the world. Lastly, Bucharest opens a huge book to underscore the vital importance of education and the right to schooling. The #WhoWeAre campaign also inhabits the Global Gateway Metaverse, an interactive 3D space generated by AI and users. 

With their computers or other devices, people can participate in dedicated events, contemplate artistic installations, and watch videos by campaign endorsers, such as the Argentine video maker Lautaro Furiolo, who grew up in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and knows the importance of digital connectivity enabled by the internet and social media; the Senegalese nurse Adjoa Konin, who stands on the front line in the COVID pandemic; the Guatemalan coffee grower Ana Morales, specialized in helping local coffee growers improve their processes to enhance efficiency; and the young graduate from the Erasmus Mundus programme who shares her experience of cultural and academic exchange around the world, Yi Ling.

Diadji Diop’s installation at the University can be visited through 15 December during regular opening hours. You can participate in the campaign by publishing photos on your social media accounts of your exploration of Global Gateway or the art installation, tagging @eu_partnerships and #WhoWeAre.