Pubblicato il: 01/04/2023
Professor Amnon Neeman

Professor Amnon Neeman

The European Research Council has awarded an Advanced Grant of over 1 million euro to Australian Professor Amnon Neeman, who has chosen the University of Milan as host institution to carry out his project for the study of a rare mathematical exception.

The project “Triangulated categories and their applications, chiefly to algebraic geometry (TriCatApp)” stems from the assumption that mathematics is the study of the logical consequences deriving from any possible rule assigned. Therefore, mathematics is a diverse field in itself, and only rarely do its subdisciplines, such as algebra and analysis, interact with each other.

In the next few years, Professor Neeman is going to explore his recent discovery regarding one of these rare exceptions. Indeed, Neeman has discovered that the application of certain techniques borrowed from analysis to homological algebra can lead to exceptional progress in the solution of problems that, until now, could not be solved with any other method.

The academic work conducted by Neeman so far has produced key results in mathematical disciplines such as algebraic geometry, mathematical topology and K-theory, paving the way for advancements in triangulated categories and their applications. Neeman has extended Brown's representability theorem and innovatively studied Grothendieck's duality. He has also made remarkable contributions in the field of algebraic geometry, particularly with regard to geometric invariant theory, and has importantly contributed to the study of the interplay of analytic and algebraic invariants of manifolds.

Every year, approximately 250 projects in all fields of research are selected in the frame of the ERC Advanced Grant Call, and receive up to 2.5 million euro each. Projects are led by researchers with at least 10 years of internationally recognised research experience at top levels, and excellence is the only criteria for the award of grants.