Pubblicato il: 09/01/2023
Sala Centrale, the main room of the Library of Law and Humanities

Sala Centrale, the main room of the Library of Law and Humanities

Bright spaces, comfortable furniture, centralized library services, more workstations, open shelves with textbooks available for loan and consultation, historic collections and new acquisitions, opening hours extended to evenings and Saturday mornings.

This is what the new Sala Centrale of the Library of Law and Humanities, located in Via Festa del Perdono 7, is going to look like. The reopening is planned for 11 January at 14.

The Library of Law and Humanities is the oldest library of the University. Since the first opening of the Sala Centrale in the 1960s, the Library has incorporated several study rooms and collections over half a century: Sala Crociera (dedicated to Law), Sala Sottocrociera (Humanities) and Sala Common Law (Anglo-American and European Union Law) in the 1990s, Sala del Settecento (Law journals and monographs) in the first years of the 21st century, and the rooms and collections of the Law Departments in 2014.

Reopening the Sala Centrale is just the first step in a larger project for the rationalisation and modernisation of study spaces in the University, which also includes the renovation of Sala Crociera. Upon completion of the project, the Library of Law and Humanities will stand out as a new library model, aimed at providing the academic community with a remarkable and ever-growing collection of books and other bibliographic materials.

The new room has two separate spaces and a total of 288 wired workstations, each coming with a lamp. Open shelves with over six thousand textbooks for law and geography exams, a selection of volumes for the humanities degree programmes, plus over five thousand volumes in the geography section, directly accessible and available for loan and consultation, complement the offer.

In its new design, the Sala Centrale becomes truly central in the provision of library services, offering loan and self-checkout of books, computers to access the Minerva catalogue or reserve a seat at the library, a bibliographic information service to help users in preparing for exams or writing papers and theses for their Bachelor's, Master's, PhD or postgraduate programme, as well as an area dedicated to printing and photocopying. The room will also serve as a coordination point for interlibrary services, i.e. interlibrary loans and document deliveries, for all the libraries located in Via Festa del Perdono.

"With the new reading and study rooms in the Festa del Perdono main campus, the University of Milan has seized a wonderful opportunity to communicate its own values: hospitality and attention to people, in line with the Ca' Granda's historical role in Milan" ‒ said Renato Ruffini, professor of Business Administration and Organization and Chair of the University Committee for Libraries.

"We live in the digitalization era, and yet library services cannot disregard their physical dimension, which is made up of reading rooms, meeting points, educational support, hospitality and assistance ‒ added Tiziana Morocutti, Managing Director of the University Library Service Division ‒ With the renovation of the Sala Centrale of the Library of Law and Humanities, we provide the academic community, and most of all our students, with library spaces that are not only better equipped than before, but also more ergonomic, safe and comfortable".


On 11 January, the Sala Centrale of the Library of Law and Humanities will be open from 14 to 23. From 12 January, regular opening hours will be 9-23 from Monday to Friday and 9-14 on Saturdays.

For further information please visit the University Library Service portal.