Pubblicato il: 25/02/2022
Imagine of war

Imagine of war

Faced with the war in Ukraine, the University of Milan joins the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) and the Network of Universities for Peace (RuniPace), of which it is part, in expressing “solidarity with the people involved and particular closeness to the entire academic community in Ukraine”, and endorses the “need to establish a ceasefire and take the path of dialogue and negotiation.”

The University also joins 4EU+, the alliance of six European universities of which it is a partner, in its plea for peace and in solidarity with the Ukrainian population.

Our University is currently working  to rescue and support its Ukrainian students in Italy, as well as all its students in Ukraine and Russia.  Two of our students who were in Ukraine have safely returned to Italy.

Over 200 Ukrainian students are enrolled at the University of Milan. Most of them are in Italy with their families, but others are in our country alone, with scholarships, and live in University halls of residence. They are a top priority for us, and we are mapping all students in order to address the most critical situations.

As for Ukrainian academics, the University of Milan, as a member of the Scholars at Risk network, is ready to welcome professors and researchers as visiting professors, just as it did with Afghan academics.